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With permission to tell stories......

It is said that storytelling is the greatest of all powers and only the goddess can grant you permission to be a storyteller.
Because to be a story teller is to be omnipotent - with the words that you use, with the stories you tell you can choose to destroy the universe, you can choose to save humanity, you can choose to change destiny. 

But the price of omnipotence is eternal bondage to the goddess.
In each life you may only return as her storyteller, destined to wander and search and gather stories, never stopping, never resting. And in each death she turns you into a rat, to forage and hunt, to gnaw through mountains for yet more stories.
You cannot forget any story! Ever!
But by the time you read the fine print it is too late - you are a storyteller. 

With love 
Seema Anand. 

Storyteller-rat-storyteller-rat-storyteller-rat-storyteller-rat.... for all eternity 

Seema Anand

“The stories that we tell define our identity, and if we want to create change - real sustainable change - it these stories that we need to work on.

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