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"When you listen to a story that someone before you has heard, you become a part of their lives."

Communities are built on stories. A story is the most effective channel through which to connect people. This is how we negotiate life and behaviours merging the paths of the future with the traditions of the past. Personal stories, cultural stories and mythological stories all have their place in this ritual of migration and the processes of new identities. 

Everyone has a story to tell and a story to live and it is only through understanding these stories can we understand each other. 

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One World One Essex

celebration of cultural diversity in Essex

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Kaavad Picnic in Rural Essex

A storytelling project which toured three rural villages in Essex

Princess Sophia: Suffragettes and Women’s Votes

Events to celebrate achievements of Sophia Duleep Singh

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Sophia, A Princess for All

project celebrating the life of the Suffragette

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Bringing Women Together for Positive Change

An afternoon of delicious food and inspiring conversation about women and women’s rights.

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A project inspired by travelling performers

Global Village
Village Green 2019

showcasing the best of local diverse talent alongside national and international artists

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Land of the Six Rivers

Interactive Storytelling for all the family with Sarah Brady and Seema Anand

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Shrabani Basu in conversation with Seema Anand

This event was part of The Festival of Thetford & Punjab

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Sentimental Journeys: A Project in Essex Care Homes

The project provided stimulating social engagement and arts activity in a safe environment

Rangoli Project

Rangoli is a traditional doorstep art, used for auspicious occasions.


Arts In Transit

storytelling performances in the pop up gallery inside the van

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