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Who Am I ?

Seema Anand

Practicing narrative, weaving magic. 
To practice narrative is to work with stories from every point of its enormous spectrum - to tell, to write; to heal, to entertain; to educate, to mask; to sift apart, to bring together. 
To weave magic is to create inspiration, to allow head and heart to walk together.

Stories are the ultimate soft power, they determine social, political and cultural practices, they establish our identities, they are the tool of leaders.

Seema is a storyteller and mythologist specialising in women’s narratives, an award winning author and a corporate guru. She uses stories for entertainment, for therapy, for education and for positive action change.

Her research on ancient Indian folklore is affiliated to the UNESCO initiative for preserving endangered oral traditions as she works to bring ancient Indian texts back into the public space, translated and reworked to reach multi cultural audiences.

Combining an academic expertise with cultural knowledge she lectures on several ancient Indian texts, including the Mahabharata and the Puranas. She has developed education resources for several organisations including the V&A and the British Museum, based on these narratives. 

In the corporate sector Seema teaches storytelling as a strategic leadership skill, she is director for one London’s largest Diwali fixtures, holds the Guinness book of records for the largest rangoli in the world and is a qualified master of tantric meditation traditions. 

Seema lives with her husband and three children and is known to hoard books.


Stories have currency - they give meaning to our facts.

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