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What is so important about storytelling?

In a highly competitive business landscape deafened by electronic ‘noise’, where a hundred different companies can provide the same product there is only one thing that gives you the edge - the story that you are telling. If that resonates with people, they will turn to you no matter what.

We are already overstretched and understaffed. My managers and I don’t have the time to start learning storytelling.

We all use stories all the time - its the most natural thing to do. The only difference is how. Do you do it consciously and effectively or unknowingly and clumsily. 
Its not about learning a new skill, just polishing up a tool you already use in order to make it more effective.

My grandmother used to tell stories all the time. She wasn’t taught. Why do I need to learn? 

When your task is to persuade a small group of people face to face the power of your personality will warm the story. When you have to reach out to thousands of people through faceless digital airwaves it all depends on how the story is crafted. 
Just because stories are informal they are not malleable enough to adapt without requiring explicit attention. This is one ‘soft’ power which is rock hard.

My business model is based on process and analytics. Why would I use stories? 

Analytics and processes may power your business, but they have to be implemented by people. And people are powered by their stories.

Is there a business case for storytelling?

World Bank were the first to formalise the use of storytelling as a both a management tool and a company resource, as the most essential of the leadership skills and the only effective way to transmit knowledge. 
Studies have proved that companies powered by strong CEO narratives have done 30% better than their competitors.

Stories exist - whether we choose to acknowledge them or ignore them. They are out there and people have already created their perceptions based on this narrative.


We help you to tap into existing organisational narrative and understand how to convert it from a legacy of the past into a vision for the future.


We help to guide your new narratives.


Learn how to manage change effectively, build productive teams and overcome organisational challenges.

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