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Arts In Transit

Seema Anand was one of the artists selected to perform at Firstsite Gallery in Colchester through storytelling performances in the pop up gallery inside the van.

‘Arts in Transit’ is the second edition of ‘Transit – The Identity of a White Van’. An ordinary white Ford Transit van that has been transformed; now enveloped in a graphic design that reflects the rich diversity of contemporary Britain and the communities living in Essex.

Originally from Assam, in India, Lata first came to live in Essex fourteen years ago. ‘Transit’ brings together cultural signifiers from the two places she has called home – the stereotype of British ‘White Van Man’ first coined in the late 1990’s, and South Asian truck art; vehicles decorated with elaborate patterns and calligraphy.

The design of the van was inspired by individuals and communities from across Essex, attending workshops and drawing their own identities. These personal reflections have then been used by Lata to inspire the vivid design that now embellishes and patterns the Ford Transit. This represents the range of communities who live in Essex and the valuable contribution that immigration has made to British society.

This second edition has now developed into a creative art, performance and cultural transit pop-up that will be used as a gallery, museum, library, live performance venue and culinary arts space.

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