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One World One Essex

One World One Essex was a celebration of cultural diversity in Essex, through the stories of various individuals and families who live in the county.

The project took place in 2010 with a touring exhibition, accompanying exhibition booklet, oral history recordings and an exciting series of events. Events included a Debate on Cultural Identity for Essex Book Festival, and a Global Gala in Chelmsford’s central park with music, dance, crafts and food to celebrate the many different cultures in Essex.

For centuries people have migrated to Essex. Almost everyone who lives in Essex has come from another land or culture. You could descend from Roman invaders or their families and slaves or Anglo-Saxons or Normans or even the Dutch. Your family could have come here from another part of Britain or Ireland, or you may have come in more recent times from one of the countries that were part of the British Empire. Whatever your family’s journey, you are here.

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